October 7, 2011

Amazon losses $10 from each Kindle Fire Device ?

Amazon's Kindle Fire seems making the trend in touch pad world with the very attractive price of $199. But according to iSuppli, seems Amazon is losing about $10 per tablet.  the estimated build cost of the device is said to be $209.63, where $191.65 would be the cost of materials with $8.40 manufacturing costs and $9.58 margin.

According to the sources, two facts can be highlighted as answers for the big question, why ?

1. Every 1 out of 4 people (27 % to the exact amount) purchase kind of accessories for the device from Amazon, having high margins.But this may be making some backup but  not completely.

2. Amazon is heavily marketing the shopping at own retail shop, where that would create a wider business model. The company is trying to  get the maximum advantage from the industry being the largest retail store as well as a touch pad manufacturer. The significant fact here is that the other retailers like walmart are not related with any type of kindle kind of thing which can be used for promoting retail everyday goods. On the other hand, successful device makers like Apple are targeting on the hardware and content selling of the devices. So seems Amazon is making a unique business model with Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire : Reaching top, Rate of 2000 per hour !

Kindle Fire, the Amazon's reach of touch pad world is making a real fire on arena. 

Amazon announced Kindle Fire, the next generation of the kindle series with a sense of a touch pad. According to the researches, the price of $199 is making the product more attractive when comparing to the competitors like apple. The pre-ordering period has begun, even though the official release is due on 15th Nov 2011.  95000 kindle devices were ordered on the first day making a remark on the touch pad sales, but still beyond the records of Apple which sold 350000 units of iPads and 300000 iPad2 units. Anyway the rate of selling is recorded as 2000 per hour !

  • 1024x600 screen resolution
  • 7.5 x 4.7 x 0.45 inches
  • 8GB internal storage (enough for 80 apps plus either 10 movies or 800 songs or 6,000 books, according to Amazon)
  • Fully charges in 4 hours
  • USB 2.0 port (micro-B connector)
  • 3.5mm stereo jack; top-mounted stereo speakers
  • Android 2.3
Features According to Amazon
  • 18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, and books
  • Amazon Appstore - thousands of popular apps and games
  • Ultra-fast web browsing - Amazon Silk
  • Free cloud storage for all your Amazon content
  • Vibrant color touchscreen with extra-wide viewing angle
  • Fast, powerful dual-core processor
  • Amazon Prime members enjoy unlimited, instant streaming of over 10,000 popular movies and TV shows

April 2, 2008

How to create a your own forum ?

Starting a your own forum is not a so much difficult as you think...

You can begin a your own forum and maintain it from right now...

There are many kind of forum softwares you can just download and use.

& SMF are some of the best of them,
You can easily download them freely and configure as you need.

Download the free software from these links(Direct Download)....

If you need more stable packages try on,


You want php & mysql installed in your pc to test these on localhost,

  1. Download the WAMP or XAAMP software from www.sourceforge.net and
  2. install it in your pc,
  3. run the server software
  4. Unzip the downloaded forum software
  5. copy the forum containing folder to the www folder (on WAMP)
  6. then go to http://localhost/ in Internet explorer

Refer the user manuals and try your forum right now....

If you need more just Email to sameira@gmail.com


March 17, 2008

Go www.sourceforge.net for Open Source software

  • SourceForge.net is the world's largest Open Source software development web site.
  • SourceForge.net provides free hosting to Open Source software development projects with a centralized resource for managing projects, issues, communications, and code.

visit the site



March 15, 2008

Linux Distribution Links

Follow the link for Linux downloads...

For more info : pctrends.lk@gmail.com

March 14, 2008

Installing Linux , As a dual boot ....Just try it

(Existing windows + Linux, if you really cant live without windows…!)

Pre Installation

The risk…..

In the installation of the Linux, the main issue is the partitioning of the disk.

The regular procedure in the Linux installation makes your hard drive a completely formatted one,

That means no any previous data with it and

With the Condition of a new Hard Disk from the store!

A Better way….

  • Use partition magic (version 8) software in windows and make a separate partition for your Linux installation.
  • Better to have 10GB for A latest version of Linux, But an older version may able with 4GB.
  • Make a new partition of a size as your need and format it in ‘ext3’.
  • Make a new partition for swap with the size of double as your RAM. (If you make it less spaced, Linux warns you, but can continue) and format it as swap.

You can partition the disk for a Linux while installation, but its little complex and may happen the above said, Formatting the whole disk.

Now you are ready for the installation…..

  • Select the CD ROM drive as the first boot device of your pc.
  • Insert the Linux installation disk (Some disks come with both Live and installation facility) and continue.
  • Follow the instructions step by step clicking one button at a time and select custom portioning.
  • In custom partitioning, select your Ext3 formatted disk as the mount point ( / ) .
  • Select the swap partition as swap (you will be given the list to select).
  • Allow the boot loader to be installed on MBR.

Now complete your installation with next steps…..

After a successful installation you’ll have a dual boot of Windows XP and Linux from the next restart….

Just try it.....

for more detail sameira@gmail.com

February 21, 2008

How to copy a whole web site !!

Want to work in off line with a web site ?
Specially when you want to study with a help of web pages,You may often need the whole web site with links instead of a single web page.

Saving pages one by one may not be the solution as its too hard and even you did so the links won't work !
So How you can use a web site off line as sane as you are working online ?

Here is the Solution,Download the whole web site with all in its links.....

How you can do it,You have too use a site grabber software.....

Download a site grabber software and give the relevent web adress you want to be grabbed,

Here are some softwares ...

Send any comments or bugs to pctrends.lk@gmail.com

Go For Open Source

Open source is a development method for software that harnesses the power of distributed peer review and transparency of process. The promise of open source is better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in.

  1. Free Redistribution: the software can be freely given away or sold. (This was intended to encourage sharing and use of the software on a legal basis.)
  2. Source Code: the source code must either be included or freely obtainable. (Without source code, making changes or modifications can be impossible.)
  3. Derived Works: redistribution of modifications must be allowed. (To allow legal sharing and to permit new features or repairs.)
  4. Integrity of The Author's Source Code: licenses may require that modifications are redistributed only as patches.
  5. No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups: no one can be locked out.
  6. No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor: commercial users cannot be excluded.
  7. Distribution of License: The rights attached to the program must apply to all to whom the program is redistributed without the need for execution of an additional license by those parties.
  8. License Must Not Be Specific to a Product: the program cannot be licensed only as part of a larger distribution.
  9. License Must Not Restrict Other Software: the license cannot insist that any other software it is distributed with must also be open source.
  10. License Must Be Technology-Neutral: no click-wrap licenses or other medium-specific ways of accepting the license must be required.

For open source softwares

February 18, 2008

What is PCI-Express and AGP ?

There are two ways to connect a graphics card to a motherboard, either via an AGP or PCI Express slot located on your motherboard. A motherboard only supports one of these slots, so if you’re looking for a new video card make sure you’re aware of whether your motherboard supports AGP, or PCI-Express.

AGP has been the standard for a long time now, but it is old technology. Its days are almost over, and it’s only a matter of time until PCI-Express completely takes over and AGP is left for dead.

Advantages of PCI-Express

The benefit of PCI Express is that it can handle a greater data throughput than an AGP slot. PCI Express offers performance of up to 4 times faster than the fastest AGP slot. It’s relatively new technology, and it isn’t being used to its full potential yet. Although, we predict that games released in the next 1-2 years will make full use of PCI Express technology.

Another advantage of PCI Express is you can connect more than one video card to your computer for extra performance. This is impossible with AGP, since a motherboard can only ever have one AGP slot.

February 5, 2008

Want to be Virus Free ?

If your pc is already affected with a virus its not easy to remove it.The best thing to do is format your PC and install xp again

Follow these steps,
  • Format your C drive which contains the system (Windows Xp)
  • Just after completion of installation,NEVER click on any disk Drive or folder
  • Insert a pen drive (better to have a check for virus free) ,Only go inside the pen using address bar or go to your folder which contains the virus guard from the address bar of your pc
  • Install the virus guard and restart the pc & scan for viruses.

Virus Guards with keys

If you are using Kaspersky,Dont update your virus guard directly from Kaspersky labs,It may make your copy a black listed one.

follow these steps
  • Extract it & Go to the settings of the Virus guard and select update settings
  • Give the path of the folder of the update & put a tick on the check box,Not a tick for Kaspersky lab
  • Apply and exit it & Update in your virus guard
Here,Using the kaspersky 6 is recomended, Because it is not needed any activation

for more details contact sameira@gmail.com